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"Fight for the things that you care

about but do so in a way that

will lead others to join you."

–Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Tegan Christine Machnich is a skilled Chief Deputy Public Defender that has worked for the Clark County Public Defender’s Office for nine years as of June 2020.  She has dedicated most of her career to fighting for the justice of “the little guy”, defending indigent defendants, and most recently, those facing life sentences.  She knows what it means to win against the odds. It is her passionate belief that all people should be treated fairly within the justice system and have an impartial trial with rulings based on established law.  Everyone deserves to have their Constitutional rights protected before the courts.

Machnich is the most qualified candidate for judge in District Court, Department 15, having a wealth of experience in both civil and criminal law.  Not only has she worked for the PD’s office for close to a decade, but she previously worked for a large private firm. She’s had experience in commercial litigation, contract disputes, and civil rights law.  Tegan has tried over forty jury trials in the Eighth Judicial District Court. Her trial experience is second to none in this race, and her record speaks for itself.

During this historic time, in an election that will see more diversity and courtroom experience throughout the candidates, Tegan Christine Machnich is the obvious choice for Department 15.  It is time to change the face of the bench and elect a judge that will implement positive change through just and fair decision-making in the courtroom. The depth of trial experience that Tegan possesses has uniquely positioned her to best serve the legal community and the valued clients that they represent.  Machnich is ready to restore a level of respect to the bench by making timely, informed, and educated rulings and deftly applying the law. She plans on holding all parties before the court to a higher standard – prosecution, defense, plaintiffs, and defendants alike. It is most important that citizens’ rights are protected in the process and that everyone is treated equally under the law.


It is time for a change.  It is time for Tegan Christine Machnich.





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